Unlocking your future: How examining past career trends can shape your path ahead

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As the year passes, at times we stop to reflect on the opportunities and challenges we’ve faced. Apart from the continuation of the Great Resignation, there were numerous career-related themes and trends that emerged or rose to prominence over the past year. 

Career coaches Mathew Rodgers, Collin Guerra, and Heather Hans joined us to discuss what captured their attention in 2022 and how that affected their students’ journeys. 

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Resilience in the face of adversity

When asked to name notable themes from the past year, the career coaches had remarkably similar answers: resilience, consistency, and tenacity. 

While pandemic fatigue lingered on in 2022, the already daunting job search process felt unusually heavy. As Career Coach Heather explains, creating structure allowed her students to recognize wins and find the motivation to reach their immediate goals. 

Matthew and Colin agree; they believe that mindset matters. The career coaches recommend taking the necessary steps to build confidence and emotional resilience that will sustain you throughout your entire career. Watch as they explain: 

The demand for remote work 

During conversations with the coaches, there was an undeniable emphasis on the ongoing demand for remote work. 

While all three coaches agreed on the popularity of remote roles, they each had a unique perspective on the pursuit, value, and timing of them. Watch as they share valuable tips and more:

The upside of a competitive job market

Not less jobs, just more competition! 

Now that we’ve addressed the desire for remote work, it’s important to tell the full story. While 2022 has seen a shift in the types of roles that companies are offering, the market is still full of many in-person or hybrid opportunities. 

When competition is fierce, concessions must be made. “It’s not so great when everyone else wants what you want…” says Matthew. 

Though Matthew has a point, there is a silver lining to this competitive environment: employers are going the extra mile to attract top talent. Watch as he elaborates: 

On standing out

With a larger pool of candidates vying for open roles, we must recognize the importance of standing out. While polishing your materials is a useful first step, career coaches suggest that the real secret is doing the work that other candidates aren’t. 

This is especially where resilience, consistency, and tenacity come in. Watch as the coaches explain and provide more advice:

We hope this is a year of growth and exploration for you! The career coaches encourage you to put some of their actionable tips to work in the new year, such as:

  • Be open-minded about what your next career move could look like. By taking on new opportunities, you create the chance to grow professionally, personally, and educationally.
  • When changing careers, work at a marathon’s pace, not a sprint. Don’t burn yourself out and become disenchanted by the process.
  • Put your energy into standing out from the crowd: write follow up emails, research companies, and make connections on LinkedIn.

We look forward to bringing you new and relevant career content to support your journey in the years to come.

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