SEO Specialist (Entry Level)

Job LocationUS
Job TagEarly Career


Location: Remote

As an SEO specialist, you will be responsible for numerous tasks across our SEO department, including but not limited to tasks that fall under On-Page Optimization, Backlink Acquisition, Local SEO, and Technical Auditing & Analysis.


  • Identify and address SEO errors/issues using Google Search Console
  • Identify and Implement New Schema Markup Opportunities
  • Perform Advanced Site Audits and implement technical SEO changes
  • Implement and optimize content silos and internal link structure
  • Keep pace with SEO industry trends and developments and report changes as needed.
  • Preparing detailed strategy reports to track, analyze and improve SEO performance
  • Analyzing and reporting on SEO techniques used by competitors
  • Execute on-page optimizations, such as title tag/meta description, internal linking, and keyword density optimization
  • Collaborate with developers to implement necessary features and changes
  • Develop and implement link building strategies, as well as perform backlink analysis
  • Create, maintain, claim, and fix online listings for local SEO
  • Perform content audits, such as Plagiarism Checks, Low Word Count, etc


  • Discipline and organization to work remotely
  • Responsiveness and consistent communication
  • Someone that wants to be an industry expert for their main competencies
  • Is always experimenting and keeping up with SEO trends
  • Attention to detail is a must
  • Able to follow established processes and procedures
  • Able to adapt to change and be outspoken about what could make internal processes better
  • Overall proactiveness with having a positive impact on anything that they’re working on
  • 2-3 Years of experience in a specific SEO discipline would be preferred