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Career Paths

Explore the potential of your skillset, whether you’re starting fresh, changing fields, or pursuing advancement. Discover job titles that align with your interests and gain practical insights to chart your own path.

Career paths


Advancements in artificial intelligence have paved the way for the transformation of many industries. This is a field for people who want to make a significant impact in shaping the future.


Business is an industry that knows no (or very few) bounds. Due to the industry’s versatility, careers in business can span a variety of fields, functions, and competencies.


Advancements in and adoption of technology have allowed for the coding industry to expand and move with the times. As a coding professional, you will join a cutting edge field that is constantly evolving. 


Every breakthrough changes the way we deliver and consume news, advertising, and content. That means communications professionals need to evolve, too.



Counseling is an expanding field that draws a large pool of prospective job seekers since the area intersects with many other industries. Because of this, there are many career pathways a counselor can explore.


Cybersecurity has emerged as one of the most rapidly expanding sectors within the realm of information technology. This field offers opportunities for individuals at all stages of their careers.


Data professionals take numbers and turn them into stories. They indicate where data inspires action, which is something that all departments, companies, and industries can benefit from.


Educators have the privilege of not only transmitting knowledge but also instilling values and igniting a love for learning. The career paths within education offer a fulfilling journey of personal and societal impact.



If you’re passionate about finance and technology and dream of reshaping how individuals and organizations manage their money, then the fintech sector is an ideal fit for you.


Library and Information Science

Library and information science is a dynamic and multidisciplinary field that prepares students to interpret and manage data for any organization.



As a marketing professional, you will have opportunities to tell meaningful stories that shape and drive business outcomes. Marketing professionals are essential when it comes to connecting products and services with target audiences.


Nursing, often referred to as the heart of healthcare, is a dynamic and essential profession that touches the lives of countless individuals. Nursing offers a fulfilling and rewarding career path.

Product Management

Product management (sometimes abbreviated as PM or PdM) is a thriving and exciting career path that commands the use of a variety of skills, such as cross-functional collaboration and leadership, interpersonal skills, and the ability to integrate technical expertise.

Project Management

Project managers serve as leaders and decisive decision-makers, actively contributing to every facet of their assigned projects. Ultimately, they are responsible for ensuring the success of complex endeavors across various sectors such as construction, engineering, law, healthcare, marketing, and technology, among others.

Public Health

Public health careers involve working to improve the overall well-being of communities and populations through various strategies. These careers are crucial for safeguarding and promoting the health of societies on a local, national, and global scale.

Social Work

Social workers derive job satisfaction from assisting others. This field provides promising career prospects owing to the development of specialized clinical skills.



The field of UX/UI integrates design, psychology, and business into a comprehensive and multidisciplinary framework. UX designers use research to create personalization along with user feedback. UI designers focus on how a product functions and feels.