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Beyond the job description: Ways to achieve workplace success

About this session

View this webinar to learn how to go beyond a job description and discover ways to start or advance your career.

Our speaker, Phil Kasiecki, is a Senior Software Engineer II at Raytheon Technologies with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. His diverse background includes software development tools, embedded systems, device drivers, and diagnostics. Find out how he has customized his career and developed ways to go beyond his job description.

​​Key takeaways

  1. When looking for a job, it is crucial to thoroughly research the company, understand its products and customers, and showcase how your skills can create value. Additionally, highlighting past experiences and problem-solving abilities is important. 
  2. Building professional relationships early on in a job is crucial. It’s important to meet your manager and other people with the same manager, managers at the same level, and even more senior individuals in the company.
  3. Building relationships helps in several ways, such as knowing who to approach for questions or assistance, establishing rapport, and gaining confidence in your work.
  4. Mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals can significantly impact your career trajectory. They can provide valuable insights, share stories, and help build confidence in your abilities.
  5. Developing relationships with higher-level managers and seeking their guidance can open up new opportunities, responsibilities, and promotions. It’s important to overcome the perception that senior individuals are off-limits and actively engage with them.

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