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Taking ownership of your coding career with software engineers

About this session

Gain new perspectives from industry experts in the world of coding. Join this engaging panel discussion with two coding boot camp graduates as they share how they navigated from a structured course to real-world opportunities and took ownership of their careers.

As a current or recent student, do you like hearing from alum who were once in your shoes? Are you curious about the value of contract work and apprenticeships? During this discussion, you will find out how they can be helpful steps to permanent opportunities.

Key takeaways

  1. Transferable skills, including problem-solving, attention to detail, collaboration, and being process-driven, are valuable in web development.
  2. A successful career in web development can come from any background, from music to event-based marketing.
  3. Imposter syndrome is common in any role at any level. It’s important to acknowledge the feeling and then brush it off –  chances are everyone else feels it too. It’s helpful to have someone to talk to, whether it’s a friend, colleague, or career coach.
  4. Networking, joining professional communities, and building personal projects will keep you job-ready after graduation.

The views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the presenter and do not necessarily represent the view of edX or its parent company 2U, Inc.