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Interview with a tech recruiter: Setting yourself up for success in the job search

About this session

Looking for a new job in the tech industry can be challenging, but staying positive and focusing on your goals is essential. Maintaining a proactive attitude and taking steps to improve your skills and network will help you confidently navigate the job market.

Join us for an insightful interview with Brent Hamilton, Lead IT Recruiter and Senior Resource Manager at Signature Consultants. With over three decades of experience in tech recruiting, Brent shares how to stand out in a competitive job market and stack the odds of landing your dream job in your favor.  

Key takeaways

  1. Despite layoffs, there are still opportunities in the US job market for those with technical skills who position themselves well.
  2. Strong entry, junior, or mid-level candidates approach their job search with enthusiasm and professionalism, particularly on LinkedIn. However, recruiters may not consider candidates with incomplete or insufficient information on their LinkedIn profiles.
  3. Recent graduates should showcase their experience and technology expertise in their resume and projects. Being descriptive and avoiding vague language can help you stand out. 
  4. The job seeker should tailor their resume for the specific job they are applying for. The resume should have a theme and reflect the skills required for the job.
  5. To find reputable recruiters, job seekers can look on LinkedIn, ask for referrals, and search for recruiters focusing on their industry. They can also attend meetups and build relationships with recruiters.

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