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Soft skills in data science

About this session

Soft skills are personal attributes, traits, and behaviors that enable an individual to interact with other people effectively. They are a combination of social and communication skills, as well as personality traits and attitudes.

In this session, Jovani Rosado, Senior Data Scientist at King and a UCF boot camp alum, discusses his career journey and the importance of soft skills as a data professional.

​​Key takeaways

  1. Soft skills are essential in data science. They enable effective interactions with others and contribute to success in the field.
  2. Communication is crucial. Data analysis and collecting information have little value if you can’t effectively communicate your findings and influence others. Strong communication skills allow you to convey insights, suggest changes, and drive decision-making.
  3. Technology is constantly changing and evolving in the data science field. Data professionals need to stay updated and relevant by adopting a growth mindset and being open to learning new tools and technologies.
  4. Critical thinking is crucial in data science roles, particularly in analyzing data and addressing business problems. It involves questioning assumptions, understanding the business impact of data analysis, and providing valuable insights that drive decision-making.
  5. To overcome the challenge of limited experience in the job market, focus on building relationships, leveraging your network, and communicating your skills and knowledge. Job descriptions often describe an ideal candidate, but relationships and experience can outweigh strict requirements.

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