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Starting close to home: Networking with family and friends

Provide your job search context

Perspective matters during every part of your career journey, and networking is no exception. The impression that you leave on family and friends when discussing your professional life could have a huge impact on your success. The career coaches elaborate below: 

Practice having authentic networking conversations with family

Communication is always a two-way street, even when your career is at the core of a conversation. Make sure to ask questions and remain positive when discussing your professional life — this includes on social media too! You want others to feel engaged and excited about your possibilities, and the prospect of being a catalyst for your career. Hear what the career coaches have to say: 

Understand and establish boundaries

As the career experts explain, nepotism can be a real concern. Make sure to check your entitlement and evaluate how you communicate with family, friends, and new connections alike. The career coaches explain more on this below:

Take action

Networking does not always come naturally. The career coaches share actionable tips and advice on how to create and cultivate professional connections with loved ones and beyond:

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