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When it comes to career opportunities, your resume is an important piece of the puzzle. Need some added context on why this is? Visit our Resume guide for more background on the topic.

Once you recognize the important role that a resume plays in your career, it helps to see what our guidance looks like in action!

We have created a sample resume for applicant Maria Lewis. In this sample, we will provide tips and commentary on some common questions that come up during the resume writing process. See our sample in diagram form with callouts below, or view the sample as a .doc file for a closer look.

Page one of a sample resume diagram with tips on what the candidate did successfully.
Page two of a sample resume diagram with tips on what the candidate did successfully.

Expert advice

“Utilize the Summary section to show your value as a well-rounded professional, think about how you bridge the gap between your technical/field-related knowledge and your transferable skills. What is your “value added” as a professional in your field? What makes you different?”

Deanna P., career coach

A headshot of Deanna P.

Additional resources

Remember to personalize your resume for the specific industry you are targeting, your current stage of the career journey, and each position that you are pursuing.

For detailed information on how each part of the resume contributes to your success, visit our Resume guide. To get an idea of what resumes look like across industries, check out:

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