Career Pathway: Marketing

Launch your career in marketing, a vibrant field where creative and data-driven worlds collide. As a marketing professional, you will have opportunities to tell meaningful stories that shape and drive business outcomes.

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Career Pathway: Counseling

Counseling is an expanding field that draws a large pool of prospective job seekers since it intersects with many other industries (healthcare, education, corrections, etc.). There are many career paths a counselor can explore.

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Career Pathway: Public Health

Public health careers involve working to improve the overall well-being of communities and populations through various strategies. These careers are crucial for safeguarding and promoting the health of societies on a local, national, and global scale. As there are many levels and work environments, the outlook for jobs within the field of public health is bright.

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Career Pathway: Product Management

Product management (sometimes abbreviated as PM or PdM) is a thriving and exciting career path that commands the use of a variety of skills. Cross-functional collaboration and leadership, combined with stellar interpersonal skills and the ability to integrate technical expertise, are among the most coveted skills for a product management professional. Learning and strengthening your […]

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Career Pathway: AI

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have paved the way for the expansion and transformation of many industries. As an AI professional, you will immerse yourself in a dynamic field at the forefront of innovation. This is a field for people that like to tackle complex challenges and make a significant impact in shaping the future.  […]

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Career Pathway: Communications

The way we communicate constantly evolves because every breakthrough changes the way we deliver and consume news, advertising, and content. That means communications professionals need to evolve, too. Tomorrow’s creative leaders will need knowledge and expertise across multiple fields. Learning communications skills prepares you to think critically while identifying and analyzing opportunities; envisioning, proposing, and […]

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Career Pathway: Coding

Advancements in and adoption of technology have allowed for the coding industry to expand and move with the times. As a coding professional, you will join a cutting edge field that is constantly evolving, thus placing you on a path of lifelong learning and allowing you to gain access to a range of career opportunities.  […]

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A computer screen shows several lines of code.

Career Pathway: Business

Business is an industry that knows no (or very few) bounds. In fact, if we were to cover all of the ways you could pursue a career in business, you’d be reading this for quite some time. Due to the industry’s versatility, careers in business can span a variety of fields, functions, and competencies. Because […]

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Career Pathway: Data

Data professionals take numbers and turn them into stories. They indicate where data inspires action, which is something that all departments, companies, and industries can benefit from. If you like to collect, clean, visualize, or analyze data, then this industry may be for you. Not convinced yet? Here are a couple data points to give […]

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