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There is an expectation that candidates seeking out business roles will have polished resumes to demonstrate the return on investment they offer an employer. The resume demonstrates not only your professional experiences, but also your attention to detail, communication skills, and the quality of your work. Check out our Resume guide for more resume advice.

Once you recognize the valuable role the resume plays in your business career, it helps to see what our guidance looks like in action!

Expert advice

“Tailor your resume to showcase your work or accomplishments that relate to the specific duties/responsibilities that are listed on the job description. Your resume shouldn’t be every great thing about you — it should focus on what the employer is looking for. When employers look at a resume for mere seconds, they are looking for something specific. Make that specific information shine by making it your focus. The best you that is portrayed is the one that checks as many of their boxes as possible.”

– Matthew R., career expert at edX

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A resume is essential to pursuing a career in most industries, especially business. 

Each section of your resume offers an opportunity to make your journey count, so it’s often hard to know where to start. Check out our General resume sample to better understand industry best practices.

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