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The demand for artificial intelligence (AI) professionals is on the rise. Use your AI-tailored resume to showcase your expertise in areas such as data analysis, programming languages, and machine learning. Your resume can show that you have the skills to contribute to ground-breaking AI initiatives and solve complex problems. Check out our Resume guide for more resume advice.

Once you recognize the valuable role a resume plays in your AI career, it helps to see what our guidance looks like in action!

Expert advice

“Highlight your technical skills to showcase that you have the tools necessary to be successful in the role. However, do not neglect your transferable skills as that would become quite significant. Skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration. Use your summary and job descriptions to highlight examples of achievements/scenarios where these skills were evident.”

– Nicole P., career expert at edX

A headshot of Nicole P.

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A resume is an extremely important component when it comes to pursuing a career in most industries, including coding.

With each section of your resume offering a unique opportunity to make your individual journey count, it’s often hard to know where to start. Check out our General resume sample to get a better idea of best practices across all industries.

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