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A well-crafted resume is essential for anyone hoping to excel in the public health field. A resume should showcase academic and professional achievements and serve as a platform to share your commitment to enhancing community well-being. A strong resume becomes a vital tool in the complex landscape of public health, where specialties like epidemiology, health policy, or global health can set you apart from other candidates. It should communicate your passion, skills, and potential to capture the attention of employers who share your vision of building healthier societies. Check out our Resume guide for more resume advice.

Once you recognize the valuable role a resume plays in your public health career, it helps to see what our guidance looks like in action!

Expert advice

“For me, the resume tells an important story. I love seeing an easy to read (layout, no lengthy paragraphs, ATS friendly), concise and compelling story of your journey. Getting a sense of where you come from, the skills honed and experience gained. Showcasing your authenticity is key.”

– Nicole P., career expert at edX

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A resume is an extremely important component when it comes to pursuing a career in most industries, especially public health.

With each section of your resume offering a unique opportunity to make your individual journey count, it’s often hard to know where to start. Check out our General resume sample to get a better idea of best practices across all industries.

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