Sample LinkedIn summaries for business professionals

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Your LinkedIn summary introduces you to your entire LinkedIn community, including current and former colleagues, potential employers, and family and friends. LinkedIn provides a platform to share what makes your accomplishments and relevant skills unique, and the summary is the perfect place to showcase this from the get-go. Displayed on your profile under the “About” header, you can tailor your summary to your particular niche in the business industry. 

The purpose of your LinkedIn summary is to:

  • Demonstrate your passion for a niche in a field of business.
  • Emphasize the unique value you bring to your role.
  • Give your reader an idea of who you are as a professional.

Essentially, you are communicating your professional brand in your LinkedIn summary.

The format for your LinkedIn summary is flexible, so it’s up to you how you’d like to present yourself. First-person pronouns are recommended, and you’re welcome to include an invitation to others to connect with you at the end.

You can get more detailed advice about developing your professional brand in our Professional brand guide and LinkedIn profile guide.

Expert advice

“A strong introduction in your LinkedIn profile will get the reader interested in reading it. So it’s important to lead with telling them who you are before getting to the details.” 

Donne B., career expert at edX

LinkedIn summary samples

Example 1 — Entry-level business analyst

I am a business analyst leveraging excellent statistical analysis and data mining skills. I recently earned a master’s degree in [program] from the [school name] to hone skills in critical thinking, reporting and visualization, and business management. I enjoy being part of cross-functional group efforts to meet goals and over-deliver on defined expectations. Previous managers and teammates often complimented my attention to detail and problem-solving ability. I’m excited to combine my existing technical knowledge with newfound business skills to begin a rewarding career.

Example 2 — Mid-level project manager

Project manager with leadership experience owning all stages of the project lifecycle who exceeds expectations on time and on budget. Previous experience includes being a project manager for a cruise line, where I oversaw the execution of nightly entertainment. In this role, I managed a team of fifty-three staff members. Additionally, I completed the [program] at the [school name], where I developed knowledge and experience in business and data analysis and accounting and finance, among other areas. I planned, launched, and successfully executed a series of televised shows aired by Carnival. I have also led teams of varying sizes in previous roles to meet company goals. Excited to combine business training and management experience to continue leading teams to success.

Example 3 — Senior-level director of financial operations

I lead financial operations at [company name], focusing on revenue growth and bottom-line performance. I provide financial expertise, develop strategy, execute plans, harmonize KPIs, and develop tactics to ensure financial plans and forecasts are met. I have a proven track record of strong leadership, always emphasizing cross-functional collaboration to achieve goals. 

I recently earned a [degree from program] from [school name], where I developed expertise in statistical analysis, data mining, reporting, and visualization. I am poised to bring a solid foundation in finance and accounting to lead large, complex operations.

Additional resources

Your LinkedIn summary is a great place to let your professional brand shine and kick-start many networking opportunities. 

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