Sample LinkedIn summaries for counseling professionals


Your LinkedIn summary introduces you to your entire LinkedIn community, including current and former colleagues, potential employers, and family and friends. LinkedIn provides a platform to share what makes your accomplishments and relevant skills unique, and the summary is the perfect place to showcase this from the start. Displayed on your profile under the “About” header, you can tailor your summary to your particular niche in the counseling field. 

The purpose of your LinkedIn summary is to: 

  • Demonstrate your passion for your niche in the field of counseling. 
  • Emphasize the unique value you bring to your role. 
  • Give your reader an idea of who you are as a professional.

Essentially, you are communicating your professional brand in your LinkedIn summary.

The format for your LinkedIn summary is flexible, so it’s up to you how you’d like to present yourself. Feel free to use first-person pronouns since you are writing your personal narrative, and consider including an invitation to connect with you at the end.

You can get more detailed advice about developing your professional brand in our Professional brand guide and a closer look at LinkedIn in our LinkedIn profile guide

Expert advice

“LinkedIn is a powerful tool to show potential employers what you are capable of doing, your passions and interests. Use your summary to [highlight] your achievements and your level of expertise. Use this section to engage your reader and get them excited about knowing you.”

– Arlette V., career expert at edX

LinkedIn summary samples

Example 1 — Mental health counselor

Mental health counselor with strong listening and collaboration skills refined during two years working in education as a teaching assistant. Earned a degree in mental health counseling from [school name] to develop therapy skills in cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based, and solution-focused techniques. Empathetically collaborate with clients on therapy goals to alleviate depressive, anxious, and impulsive symptoms. Enjoys working on a passionate and diverse team dedicated to using evidence-based practices to help our clients succeed.

Example 2 — Marriage and family therapy associate

Marriage and family therapy associate leveraging an extensive background in human resources, transitioning to help families and couples navigate conflict. Earned a Master of Science in Counseling with a concentration in marriage and family therapy from [school name] to develop knowledge of family systems and skills in counseling. Collaborated with mental health professionals during field practicum at mental health clinics to provide low-income families with solution-focused tools to manage conflict and improve communication. Excited to combine empathetic counseling skills, evidence-based techniques, and passion for social justice to help clients from wide-ranging backgrounds improve their family dynamics. 

Example 3 — Behavioral analyst

Behavioral analyst bringing 7 years of experience as a registered behavior technician (RBT) to the next level by earning a Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from [school name]. Extensive background in the field, helping clients with autism spectrum disorder and often chosen by board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) to help new RBTs get up to speed. Completed fieldwork and required hours at an outpatient nonprofit clinic, expanding expertise to working with clients with brain injuries. Well-versed in designing applied behavior analysis (ABA) treatment programs, training behavior instructors, parents, and other professionals to implement ABA treatment plans, and writing assessments and progress reports for each client.

Additional resources

Your LinkedIn summary is great for letting your professional brand shine and can kick-start many networking opportunities. 

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