Sample LinkedIn summaries for social work professionals


LinkedIn provides a platform to share what makes your accomplishments and relevant skills unique, and the summary is the perfect place to showcase this from the start. Your LinkedIn summary introduces you to your entire LinkedIn community, including current and former colleagues, potential employers, family, and friends. Displayed on your profile under the “About” header, you can tailor your summary to your particular niche in the social work field. 

The purpose of your LinkedIn summary is to: 

  • Demonstrate passion for your niche in the field of social work.
  • Emphasize the unique value you bring to your role. 
  • Give your reader an idea of who you are as a professional.

Expert advice

“What I usually advise students to do for the Bio/About me section of their LinkedIn profile is to look at it as an overview or introduction to the rest of the information in their LinkedIn or resume. [I recommend] telling the reader a bit of everything in a short, concise, and powerful manner before they get into the meat of the profile. Some skills, education, [and] experience, but also [one’s] goals and purpose.”

Gakeema J., career expert at edX

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Essentially, you are communicating your professional brand in your LinkedIn summary.

The format for your LinkedIn summary is flexible, so it’s up to you how you’d like to present yourself. Feel free to use first-person pronouns since you are writing your personal narrative, and consider including an invitation to connect at the end.

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LinkedIn summary sample

Example 1 — Social services assistant

I’m a dedicated and compassionate social services assistant with a proven track record of providing essential support to social workers and their clients. Through my experience, I’ve conducted numerous client assessments, maintained meticulous case records, and connected individuals and families in need with vital community resources. One of my most notable strengths is my ability to collaborate effectively in team environments, offering empathetic care and advocacy. I am deeply committed to contributing to the well-being of vulnerable populations and promoting inclusivity. If my qualifications align with your needs, I’d love to connect and discuss how we can work together to make a meaningful impact in the field of social services.

Example 2 — Medical social worker

I am a dedicated medical social worker driven by my commitment to improving the well-being of patients and their families in healthcare settings. With a Master of Social Work (MSW) and specialization in medical social work, I bring extensive experience to my cases through emotional support, counseling, and resource coordination. My expertise extends to providing end-of-life care, palliative support, and crisis intervention. I thrive when collaborating with interdisciplinary teams to ensure effective patient care. 

What I bring to every case:

  • A modern approach to patient care and support
  • Effective collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Expertise in end-of-life care and palliative support
  • A strong dedication to ensuring holistic patient well-being

I am enthusiastic about connecting with fellow professionals and eagerly look forward to new opportunities where I can create a significant difference in the lives of those in need.

Example 3 — Nonprofit executive director

As a seasoned nonprofit executive director, my career journey has been driven by an unwavering passion for creating positive change. With an extensive background in social work, I have a proven track record of effective leadership, guiding organizations toward the realization of their missions and making a tangible impact on the communities we serve. 

Throughout my career, I’ve achieved remarkable results, such as [specific achievement], which exemplifies my ability to strategically lead and drive success. My expertise in building collaborative partnerships and my strategic vision have been instrumental in the growth and sustainability of the nonprofits I’ve overseen. 

I am committed to social and environmental causes and thrive when aligning resources and talent to create innovative solutions. I look forward to connecting with like-minded professionals to explore opportunities for collaboration and continued advancement in the nonprofit sector. If you believe that my qualifications align with your organization’s goals, I’m eager to discuss how I can contribute to your mission and vision.

Additional resources

Your LinkedIn summary is great for letting your professional brand shine and can kick-start many networking opportunities. 

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