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By crafting a tailored resume, you have the opportunity to showcase your UX/UI design skills to show employers why you’re the best candidate. This is your chance to highlight how your projects, technical skills and professional skills combine to create user-centric experiences. Check out our Resume guide for more resume advice.

Once you recognize the valuable role a resume plays in your UX/UI career, it helps to see what our guidance looks like in action!

Expert advice

“Use strong action verbs to describe your experience and accomplishments. Start each bullet point with a strong verb that showcases your abilities.”

– Ritu A., career expert at edX

A headshot of Ritu A.

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A resume is an extremely important component when it comes to pursuing a career in most industries, including UX/UI.

With each section of your resume offering a unique opportunity to make your individual journey count, it’s often hard to know where to start. Check out our General resume sample to get a better idea of best practices across all industries .

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